William Lew MAY

1842(*)- 1915 (73 years)

Members of the May family began coming to Fremont in late 1860's.  Together four May brothers  built a wholesale grocery business in Fremont.

William L May arrived in Omaha in 1859, had served as a clerk of the House in the last territorial Legislature when J. Sterling Morton was territorial governor.  

He also had served as Nebraska State Game Commissioner and was responsible for establishing fish hatcheries at Louisville.

William Lew May arrived in Fremont Nebraska in 1878 at the age of 36.  There him and his brothers Joseph T May, Jacob K May and Charles H May directed the May Brothers Grocery Company.  A grocery wholesale company on 6th & Park (F Street).


William May later moved back to Omaha and established his own grocery company.  He died in 1915.  Noted as a well-recognized Shakespearean scholar, he was called 'a polished gentleman in every sense of the word" in a Tribune obituary.


Emilia May (1838 - 1846) - 8 years

Jacob Lew May (1844 - 1917) - 73 years

Charles H May (1846 - 1927) - 81 years

Joseph T May (1848 - 1926) - 78 years



Lewis May (1806 - 1850)  - 44 years