August 12th 1848 - April 19th 1926 (78 years)

Members of the May family began coming to Fremont in late 1860's.  Together four May brothers  built a wholesale grocery business in Fremont.

Joseph T May arrived in Fremont Nebraska in 1868 at the age of 20.  Destined to build a grocery store, he opened 'Staples and Fancy Groceries'

Joseph built what was known as the 'May' home at 1129 N Nye St. in 1882.   He sold his interest in the May Brothers Grocery business in 1890 and entered the banking field.  He was vice president of the Fremont National Bank, president of the First National Bank of Arlington and was an officer of several banks across the state. 

In state and national banking circles, he was known as "Uncle Joe" and was regarded as one of the oldest active bankers in the west.  

He was an original founder of the Nebraska Building & Loan Association in 1891 and in 1892 was incorporator and president of "The International Cure Company", devoted to the treatment of in-temperate users of "strong drink and narcotices".

Joseph married Ione Maduro Gately in March of 18?? at Holly Springs, Miss.  Together they had four children including Louis Edwin May, the only child to marry and have children.  



Ione M Gateley May (1848 - 1901) - 53 years



L Maud May (1874 - 1949) - 75 years

Louis Edwin May (August 29th 1876 - 1951) - 74 years

John Gateley May (1880 - 1921) - 40 years

Joseph H May (1883 - 1937) - 54 years



Emilia May (1838 - 1846) - 8 years

William Lew May (1842 - 1915) - 73 years

Jacob K May (1844 - 1917) - 73 years

Charles H May (1846 - 1927) - 81 years


Ridge Cemetary - Fremont Nebraska

The May family plot is located near the southeast corner of the west section between Calvary and Jefferson Aves - 10 yards west of the front of the section and 10 yards north of Calvary Ave. 

GPS Coordinates: 41.442826, -96.524000