Louis Edwin H MAY

August 29th 1876-  February 9th 1950 (81 years)


Joseph T May and Ione MaduroGately married in 18?? at Holly Springs, Miss.  Together they had four children including Louis Edwin May, the only child to marry and have children.

Louis was born August 29, 1876 in Fremont and lived to be 74 years old.  He married Mary Esther Urtubees in Milwaukee, Wis.  They had a daughter, Lois Ione May.   Louis outlived both his wife, who died in 1901 at age 54, and his daughter, who died in 1950 at age 38. 

Louis May worked in the family grocery business as a young man.  He organized the Fremont State Bank (predecessor to the Stephens National Bank).  He was instrumental in founding the present Fremont Golf Club and served as its president.