The May Brothers Building is a 141-year-old three-story brick building in the heart of Historical Downtown Fremont.  Established in 1881 as a grocery store and grocery distribution hub for the entire Midwest.   Re-established in 2014  to become a community hub for artisans, entrepreneurs, and free thinkers changing the world one idea at a time.

The first floor is home to the Milady Coffeehouse, named after the coffee that was distributed by the May Brothers.  The East Wing Venue also occupies the first floor with ample room for celebrations, receptions, and parties.

The second floor is home to the Next Level, a community of small businesses, artists, and self-employed dreamers.  Surrounded by 1920s office space brought back to life where new concepts, ideas, and dreams can come into reality.   Home to the next great idea or next great art work.

The third floor will soon be home to several apartments and a small boutique hotel.



Milady Coffeehouse

Community Coffeehouse

East Wing Venue

Venue / Conference Room

Next Level

Studios, Suites and MicroOffices


A young 20-year-old Joesph T May first ventured into Fremont back in 1868 and started a grocery store called ‘Staples and Fancy Groceries.  Over the next couple of years, three of his older brothers would follow him to this newly established town positioned between the Platte River and the Elkhorn River.   They continued to build up their business by trading with many of the travelers heading West. Over time they began to transition from a grocery store to a grocery distribution company supplying many smaller grocery stores throughout the area.  In 1881 the brothers built a three-story brick building at the intersection of 6th and F St (Park Ave).  The business was growing really well for the brothers and they built another three-story building behind the current structure in 1885.

These two buildings were tied together in the 1920s and have since become a cornerstone buildings in Historic Downtown Fremont.


The May family was considered one of the founding families of our town. Their contribution to the city and even a few myths about their lives are well noted among Fremont area historians.

One little-known fact is that the Louis E May museum located on Nye Avenue is the former home of the Nye families. Louis May is credited with preserving the Nye home. The museum now serves the community by housing and displaying historical information and antiques.

The May Brother’s Building 105 East 6th Street Fremont, NE, 68025